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Dee: UGH I can't say I'm surprised you're trying to make me meet people, but why your entire school?
Emily: It's just the one year level.
Dee: So!? Why didn't you just have a little party when you turned 18? I know Ella was asking!
Emily: I didn't want to break my streak. I actually think the formal is a much better way to do this.
Dee: How so!?
Emily: Because a bunch of people will bring people from outside school, so you won't be the only stranger. There's less focus on you. Also, smaller groups have fewer people but more constant attention. Big parties are anonymous. Think about it. If it's just our group, you wouldn't have anywhere to hide if you got overwhelmed. People notice you come and go. In a crowd they won't, and there's more to get waylaid by. More distraction. More excuses. And, if you don't want to talk to anyone at all... you could spend the whole night dancing.
Alt text: allow me to reveal to you....... this ace up my sleeve