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(Emily and Zoe are hot and sweaty and have stopped dancing to get drinks.)
Whew! Lemon lime and bitters for me too, please!
Zoe: I still wish they were serving alcohol, I mean most of us are eighteen.
Emily: Are you not having fun?
Zoe: No I'm just saying. You seem to be enjoying yourself, Miss Party-Averse!
Emily: I never said that! But yeah. It's all going pretty well.
Zoe: It is. I'm glad you brought him.
Emily: You are?
Zoe: Yeah. He's still freaky, but he's being pretty gentlemanly... and his dancing is so joyful!
Emily: I've been trying to judge how many people are freaked or chill, but if people are just polite it's hard to tell.
Zoe: I know right!! Like Harrison, I thought he had fantastic composure but now I think he's maybe like you?
Emily: Oh really!?
Zoe: Yeah! He was very keen to get into conversation with Dee, and it looks like they're engaging...
(She points to where Harrison and Dee are sitting back at the table, deep in animated conversation.)
Oh!! He's talking to him!! I'm so glad!! Oh I was worried no one would!! Oh!!!
Alt text: oh no i let my vigilance about what dee is up to and how he is going falter for a second, thank god zoe is here to be hyperaware of him for me