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Zoe: Yeah, sorry, I meant to, at dinner, but...
Emily: Oh no, neither of us expected you to!
Zoe: But, since I at least know what -
(She notices that Lucy, Lydia, and their boyfriends have come into earshot.)
Zoe and Emily:
Lydia (noticing them back): Don't flatter yourselves, we don't care what you're talking about.
Emily: Hm, is that why you haven't spoken to Zoe for months?
Lucy: For your information, she's the one who stopped talking to us.
Emily: And you never thought to check if something was wrong? Some friends you are!
Zoe: Emily, shh, it's fine.
Lucy: Snrk! Are you two, like, lesbians now?
Lydia: Ohh, is that why you haven't got a date, Zoe?
Zoe: ... I haven't got a date because I don't need a date. I could go home with any boy here.
Alt text: you know what, i'll flex