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Emily: Oh my GOD Zoe!
Zoe: Sorry, I guess I'm still -
Emily: No that was SO GOOD! I need to take notes, DAMN!
Zoe: Haha!
(The night passes...)
Come on! More dancing!
Emily: Ok!
Zoe: Can I request more? Can you do Cossack dancing?
Dee: You mean the Hopak? Sure!
(People dancing; people chatting... then the end and everyone's leaving.)
Jad: Sure you guys don't wanna come to the after-party?
Emily: Yeah, I'm knackered. And Ella's here now.
Ella: What! I can drive you to the after-party, I don't mind!
Emily: Nah I'm good. Unless - Dee? I don't wanna cut your night short?
Dee: Oh no, I'm tired too.
Emily: You could rest a bit and then go?
Dee: Not without you, so nah.
Emily: I could suck it up?
Zoe: I promise, I'm set.
Alt text: And I'll lead you all, wherever you may be, / And I'll lead you all in the Dance, said he