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Emily (getting in the car): See you on Monday!
Her friends: See you! Seeya!
Ella: So you had fun, then?
Emily: Yeah!
Dee: Yes! But it was a lot.
Ella: Would you like me to drive you home?
Dee: No you don't need to! I'll get the train.
Ella: It's no trouble! Where do you live?
Emily: He's right over the other side of the city, out west, it's like a 40 minute drive.
Ella: Oh... will you be alright on the train all that way?
Dee: Yeah! I like the trains at night. Don't worry about me.
Ella: Well if you're sure... what station do you want?
Emily: It doesn't matter, he'll have to swap in the city.
Ella: Oh of course.
(Emily reaches her hand behind her seat and Dee holds it, happy.)
Alt text: i nearly forgot everyone's seatbelts