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Emily (whispering): G'night!
Ella (whispering): Goodnight! Don't wake the girls!
(In her room, Emily begins to undo her hair by the light of her desk lamp. Dee appears behind her, back in his usual robe, and begins to help undo her dress laces.)
Thanks! So, you had a good night after all?
Dee: I did!! I danced! Did you see me!?
Emily: I saw! You danced so much!
Dee (twirling happily in the air): And everyone was okay with it - more or less - and I talked to people!! I had entire conversations? With other people!? It was so scary! Oh my god! But I did it!
Emily: You were incredible!
Dee: Did you have fun? You've never been to anything like that either, did you like it?
Emily: Yeah I think so! It was a bit loud sometimes... but dressing up was fun, and dancing with you, and - oh! the strangest thing... I can't tell if I'm flattering myself, or...
Alt text: gotta admit, some dance moves are a little bit less impressive when you can float around in the air and have no muscles or anything, BUT THAT'S NOT THE POINT