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Dee: What's up?
Emily: I was dancing with Markus, at some point, and the way he looked at me... it made me wonder...
Dee: Yeeeeeeeeees?
Emily: Oh nothing, it's silly!
Dee: No what was it!
Emily: It made me wonder if he likes me. Like, like likes me.
(Dee laughs uproariously, and rolls on the floor laughing.)
Emily: Dee! You can't even fall over, stop that! I know it's unlikely, okay? I just -
Dee: UNLIKELY! Oh Emily! (Continues laughing.)
Be quiet! What's so funny!
Dee (pulling himself together): Heh, Emily... heh heh... is this the first time you've thought maybe Markus likes you?
Alt text: no betrayal like when you shyly confess something to your mate and they go and take the absolute piss out of you