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Emily: ... Yeah? What?
Dee: Given my level of expertise, take all the grains of salt with this you like, BUT - I think I can safely say: Markus has been in love with you longer than I've known you.
Emily: ... what. WHAT!? Are you serious!?
Dee: Yeah
Emily: Why didn't you TELL ME!?
Dee: Well it took me a year or so to notice, and then for a while I couldn't tell if you knew already, or if I was entirely mistaken, and then I thought I'd see how long it took you because it was funny, and then you said you didn't want to know anyway, so -
Emily: What! When did I say that!
Dee: When you got the poem, you said -
Emily: The poem!
Alt text: Luckily for Dee, Emily can't remember their conversation word for word, and will assume he only lied by omission