↓ Transcript
Emily: Abe! Hey! Have you seen Markus?
Abe (nudging Markus who is behind him at the food table grabbing some chips): Uh, hey Markus?
Markus: Ah! What's - Emily! Why are you - ?
Emily: Markus, I have to ask you - everyone's saying - I didn't - do you - do you like me?
Markus: ... Yeah?
Emily: What! Since when!
Markus: Are you for real? Since the first time I saw you.
Emily: WHAT!
Markus: Or maybe just the first week.
Emily: Since year seven? Really? Why?
Markus: What do you mean, 'why'?
Emily: I was - I was -
Some heckler: Hey are you two gonna pash or what?
Emily: Huh?
Someone: Do you like him?
Emily: Whoops, I drew a crowd, didn't I...
Another someone: How did you not know?
Alt text: 'I was focused on talking to Markus, I wasn't paying attention to you people!' 'Not that! Thought you were smart ffs'