↓ Transcript
Markus (messaging):
Still pinching myself fyi!!
Emily (messaging):
(They meet outside the cafe.)
Emily: Hey!
(They sit at a table outside.)
Emily: So how was the rest of your night?
Markus: Oh! Yeah, good! Yeah. Uh, yours?
Emily: Yep! Went to bed and had a great sleep.
Markus: Haha, cool. So, uh. ...
Emily: Mm?
Markus: This is - very - I'm confused what - happened last night? I mean why did - what changed?
Emily: Um, I had a sudden suspicion that you liked me, which everyone immediately confirmed, and I thought: why not?
Markus: ... That's it?
Emily: Yep!
Markus: ... you really didn't know, before?
Emily: Not a clue!
Markus: That is... unfathomable. I was so embarrassingly, deliberately obvious!
Emily: Markus I was extremely mean to you.
Alt text: not to look this gift horse in the mouth too much but...................... seriously wtf