↓ Transcript
Markus: Well, not really -
Emily: Yes really! Unless I held back more than I realised.
Markus: You were holding back?
Emily: I feel like everyone is, a little bit. But like, what's your deal?
Markus: Wh-what? Me? I don't think I want to be mean to people...
Emily: No no, why would you be into someone like that?
Markus: I - I thought you were really cool, and beautiful, and smart, and confident, and... the meanness was always a bit thrilling.
Emily: Really!?
Markus: Haha... I'm glad you're not mad now that it backfired! I know I was annoying...
Emily: No, it seems you've pulled off a successful win-by-persistence -
Markus: No! Urgh!
Emily: What?
Markus: That wasn't what I was trying to do!
Emily: It wasn't!?
Markus: No! Harassing someone until they go out with you - or befriending them solely to date them - That seemed wrong to me and I was trying NOT to -
(He sighs.)
Alt text:
markus does his best to avoid reenacting sexist tropes in his day to day life but too bad, he is fictional and all this is my doing!