↓ Transcript
Markus: I know it looked like essentially the same... well, except apparently not - if you didn't - and I was still - except what I was aiming for didn't make it better anyway -
Emily: What do you mean?
Markus: Ugh, sorry. I thought if I was only after friendship it wasn't skeezy to bother you like I used to.
Emily: Oh! Right!
Markus: Like, I didn't get why you didn't want any friends, and I still don't, but that's not the point.
Emily: No, it wasn't. Well! This explains why you didn't make a move even when I became friends with you!
Markus: Haha, yes! Trying to be... oh, though, full disclosure, I'd hoped to ask you to the formal.
Emily: Oh no, foiled! Haha! Oh well. Hey wait what about that poem? That was a pretty clearly romantic overture.
Markus: OH NO we were so close to never mentioning that!
Waitress (passing their table): Are you ready to order anything?
Markus: AH I haven't even looked -
Emily: Just give us another minute, thanks!
Alt text: Markus was donkey all along, and he's sorry