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Markus: ... do you know what you want?
Emily: Yeah but I come here too often.
Markus: Oh ok. Uhhh... I chose something. What were we - ... I can't believe I'm here with you. It's like a dream. You're so beautiful.
Emily: Flatterer. Can I ask you something, though?
Markus: Anything!
Emily: Feel free to take that back. Did you like me... while you were going out with Chiyo?
Markus: Ah... Probably, though I was trying to be over you, then. That's not why I was with her or anything though! I just - ah -
Emily: Did you think about doing long distance?
Markus: Yeah... but... We're still in contact, a little, but the practicalities seemed too impossible. Who knows what the future might have brought, but we figured... better to enjoy what we had than worry about it being temporary, and hold ourselves back. Maybe that seems... unromantic.
Emily: No way! I reckon romance and practicalities can coexist. That's super sweet!
Alt text: oh no is it somehow wrong to love two people at once... is she going to be offended... oh no she's actually just very interested, okay, huh