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Emily: That's actually what my parents did, so! Though... they had an unplanned pregnancy. Hopefully you didn't!
Markus: Hah! Yeah no fear there.
Emily: Confidence, nice!
Markus: Well we - Emily!!
Emily: What, is asking about your contraceptive habits with your ex not good first date conversation?
Markus: No - I - We're in public!
Emily: Don't worry, I'll dial back.
Markus: Ah, probably no-one's - AH!
Waitress: Oh sorry are you still deciding?
Markus: ...so about me and Chiyo...
Emily: Dude, you really don't have to talk about it? I'm just nosy.
Markus: I know, but I told the others.
Emily: They're nosy too.
Markus: ... that's true. But it's maybe more - well anyway here goes: Chiyo and I... never did it.
Alt text: they ordered a flat white and a chai latte, and a focaccia and a soup, and then talked about safer things