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Emily: Oh! Whoops, sorry for assuming!
Markus: ... It's... a fair assumption?
Emily: Is it? I think I have a simplistic idea of what people do in relationships.
Markus: Oh... oh?
Emily: I know it's more than 'friends with benefits'. But I don't see how.
Markus: Then... what do you want? Out of... this?
Emily: I want to figure it out. With you.
Markus: I'd like that. ... So have you ever... y'know?
Emily: Had sex? No, who with?
Markus: I dunno, anyone. Dee, or...
Emily: Dee!? Ew why would you think that!
Alt text: Markus and Chiyo dated for a few months but the time just never felt right. They have no regrets.