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Markus: I'm - I - Sorry! I thought - you seem so intimate and you have all this history - maybe -
Emily: Yeah we're friends! That would be like... ugh
Markus: Sorry!
Emily: Eh don't worry, he already worried people would think we were together. I myself thought I had a crush on him back in - ! Oh! That's how I can get him back!
Markus: For what?
Emily: For noticing you liked me, and mocking me for not.
Markus: He noticed!? That quick!? Wow that's embarrassing...
Emily: Well... ...
Markus: Maybe he saw I was jealous... I was trying not to be... But you did have a crush on him?
Emily: Not really; I got the idea that I should have a crush on someone, and I hated everyone else, so. But I didn't care when I realised it wouldn't happen, and got over it instantly. Eh, it'd be petty to tell him, he'd only get upset. Anyway I think people don't get over real crushes like that.
Markus: I think my longstanding infatuation is not representative of most crushes.
Emily: Ah so we're each end of the bell curve?
Markus: Haha maybe! Ugh don't talk to me about bell curves, I'm so stressed.
Emily: You'll be fine!
Alt text: What is love!? (baby don't hurt me)