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Dee: It's really just a little bubble of habitability for you. Protection from radiation, storage for food and waste and oxygen and whatnot... Hopefully enough space that you won't lose your mind... things for entertainment... There's things I have to check with you, but -
Emily: This is incredible!!! Oh my god!!! You made all this!?
Dee: Yeah!
Emily: Oh!! It's beautiful! You're amazing! Dee!! How far could we go, in a year?
Dee: All over the solar system.
Emily: What? To all the planets?
Dee: And more, probably! The total travel time is about three months.
Emily: How!?
Dee: I'll be pushing; that solves all the hard problems.
Emily: You can take us that fast!?
Dee: Easy! I could take us faster, probably; but I thought a constant rate of acceleration to match gravity would be fast enough, and keep you healthier.
Emily: What I wouldn't give to know the mechanism of your energy!
Dee: Hah, I know right? I do get tired and have to swap out with myself; but it's easier if I double up. I've been practising on asteroids and stuff.
Alt text: rocket science is easy when you don't have to think about fuel at all, or exit/reentry of the atmosphere very much!