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Emily: How fast will we actually go? Will relativity pose any problems?
Dee: Nah, top speed will only be about twenty four million kilometres an hour.
Emily: "Only"!?
Dee: Yeah, only two percent or so of the speed of light. And mostly much slower! I can do a quick estimate if you like. ... Okay you might lose eight minutes. Roughly.
Emily: Oh that's fine; also, kinda cool! And did you work that out in your head!?
Dee: Most of my equations are written down, if you're worried.
Emily: No, just impressed!
Dee: That reminds me, I need to get your measurements to give my past self for... this!
(He reveals a space suit.)
AH!! WICKED!!! Can I go outside wherever we go?
Dee: Yep! Mostly.
Emily: Probably a dumb question, but... will there be danger? What if I die?
Dee: Absolutely not. If you died it would be my fault, and I can't kill you. So!
Emily: Cool, love that logic!
Dee: No but really! I will actively keep you alive, for once! I can do repairs if needed, I can go get new supplies or parts, I will protect you from hazards... I will not let anything go wrong!
Alt text: he's going to micromanage the HECK out of this and he is SO excited