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Emily: I suppose you've thought of everything!
Dee: I've done my best... There are things I have to discuss with you, like what decor and furniture you want in here, and food options, and what we'll do about laundry, and I've nearly sorted out getting in and out of the atmosphere unnoticed, and - Oh right I had to ask: do you think Markus would want to come?
Emily: Oh! Is THAT why I can tell him?
Dee: Yeah. I don't really know what it means, you having a boyfriend now, but maybe it means you don't want to immediately leave him for a year? Literally vanish off the face of the earth with no explanation?
Emily: Oh I guess not. Good idea! I'll ask him!
Dee: You could ask Zoe too, though I doubt she'd want to come, really.
Emily: Who wouldn't want to go to space though?
Dee: Well I'm sure I could adapt this to fit more people... I'd have to do at least one supply run, but... and people have lived in smaller spaces, as long as you'd be okay with that...
Emily: Well I'll ask and see! What would you have done if I'd said no?
Dee: I was very sure you'd be keen. But it's been a fun project regardless!
Alt text: but you still can't tell your family i guess