↓ Transcript
Emily: Zoe! I'm going to tell Markus about Dee, can you back me up?
Zoe: You what!? Really!?
Emily: Oh - do you think I should? Do you wish you didn't know?
Zoe: ... You know him better than me! But... I guess... he'd want to know the truth? But... uhh... Maybe we should suss out if he'll be okay. Or try, at least. Yeah, I'll come with. (Whispering:) Not to talk about me, though, right?
Emily: Of course not!
(They go to Markus.)
Emily: Hey Markus come with me I gotta tell you something!
Markus: Huh? You're not breaking up with me already are you?
Emily: No, doofus.
Alt text: zoe has a new queen bee