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Emily: So, this is about Dee. Did you... get any bad feelings about him, or anything?
Markus: Uhh... why? He seemed fine to me?
Zoe: Are you afraid of dying?
Markus: Huh!?
Zoe: Do you get any existential dread?
Markus: N-no? I - well I obviously don't want to die, and if I were in danger I would be scared probably? what does this -
Zoe: When you were a kid and you first learned that things die... how did you react?
Markus: I don't know, I don't remember that at all!
Zoe: Hmm. Who knows. He's probably fine.
Emily: Huh, okay. So: Markus. The thing is: Dee... is Death.
Markus: ... Sorry, say that again?
Emily: He's the grim reaper. I've known him since my mum died.
Markus: ...
Abe (emerging from behind a tree): WHAT! Are you kidding me!
Alt text: i'm scared the normal amount? ... should i be more scared?