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Emily: ABE!! What are you doing!
Abe: Eavesdropping!
Emily: Why would you eavesdrop on Markus and me? What if we were making out?
Abe: I knew you weren't, Zoe's here.
Emily: Well go away, this conversation isn't for you!
Abe: Too late, I heard! And it's the dumbest thing I ever heard so -
Markus: Wait wait. Wait. If he's death. He's usually invisible, right?
Emily: Yeah!
Markus: I KNEW IT! He's your "imaginary friend"!
Emily: You - !? I mean yes but how the hell - ?
Markus: Okay I didn't know, but I knew it was SUPER weird for you to turn up with this friend from way back that you've never mentioned... who JUST SO HAPPENS to have the same name as your old imaginary friend.
Emily: How did you know his name?
Markus: I heard you! FOR YEARS!
Abe: Markus have you lost your mind.
Markus: You heard too! You KNOW that's -
Abe: A coincidence! People can't be invisible! You can't really believe - Zoe, you don't believe this, do you?
Zoe: Obviously I already knew about it. That's why I'm here.
Alt text: 'It just makes sense!' 'IT REALLY DOESN'T THOUGH'