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Markus: That's why you thought it was so weird that she'd bring him to the formal!
Zoe: Yes exactly!
Abe: I don't believe this, I don't believe any of you.
Emily: That's fine, don't believe. I don't want you to know anyway.
Markus: Why can't Abe know? Or the others?
Emily: I only got permission to tell you! And why would I want to tell Abe, he's still holding every grudge ever against me.
Abe: You were always breaking Markus' heart, was the main thing. If you've stopped now... maybe I'll move on.
Emily: Oh so YOU'RE the friendzone jerk, just on his behalf!
Abe: Frankly -
Markus: Guys can you - OH! The potato thing! THAT'S how you did it!
Emily: Uhhh... yeah, but, he really didn't want to help, please don't hold that against him.
Zoe: What?
Abe: ... I will still need proof before I can believe any of this.
Alt text: markus immediately regrets saying that one out loud