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Emily: Excuse me, you don't need anything. You shouldn't even be here.
Markus: I would like some proof, though.
Emily: I thought you believed me!
Markus: Yeah, but, I mean, it's still a bit... Maybe we could meet him again and see?
Emily: Well that was the plan but -
Markus: Can Abe come if he promises not to tell? Abe, promise!
Emily: -SIGH- Whatever, Dee might not show you still, but up to him.
Dee: Hi!
Emily: Hey!
Dee: ... Why is Abe here?
Emily: Ugh, Abe eavesdropped and Markus wants to include him. Feel free to not.
Zoe: Look, the reason for all this hesitancy is that seeing him can be... distressing. But it varies, apparently.
Markus: What? But we already saw him!
Abe: Yeah he was a totally normal dude!
Alt text: So he went: they found the horses by the big mimosa clump