↓ Transcript
Dee: Abe did seem one of the most relaxed around me... as far as I could tell.
Emily: He was?
Zoe: Well... in that case, I think you should show him. Seems harsh to exclude him.
Emily: Up to you, mate. I think it'd be fine either way.
Dee: Hmm. Okay. I think I'll keep trying to be brave, then. Hi! Sorry about all that!
(Markus and Abe suddenly see him.)
Markus: Wow, I know I was kinda expecting that but -
Abe: WHAT THE FUCK! You set Death on me! You set the fu- FUCK YOU, EMILY!
(He storms off.)
What? Abe! Abe!? Wait!
(He runs after Abe.)
What did he mean?
Emily: I think the potato thing.
Alt text: Be cool, man!