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Dee: Oh my god! You told him!?
Zoe: You really did that!?
Emily: It's not his fault-!
Dee: Yes it is, I should have refused more. Should I apologise...?
Emily: No, it was me, and I already apologised, he just never lets anything go.
Dee: ...
Zoe: ...
Emily: I didn't mean for him to find out, Markus put it together and - UGH
Dee: But now he does know I was involved, so -
Emily: Zoe are you okay?
Zoe: Yeah.
Dee: ...are you?
Zoe: Yeah. I... I just didn't know that was you, Em. Sorry. Still reconciling that.
Emily: I - what's so - You weren't there, why-? It didn't mean anything! He'd been throwing all that paper at me is all, it was just a prank, I guess it wasn't funny but -
Zoe: Yeah, but... if I'd died and they'd cracked open my phone, that's what everyone would have said. 'Just a joke'. That's all. I'm overreacting, I know, but. That's. It sounded like a death threat, to me. When I heard about it.
Alt text: it's been like 2 hours since i found that out but i'm still upset okay