↓ Transcript
Emily: Oh. Oh.
Zoe: Sorry. I just - thought you wouldn't have. But it probably wasn't a big deal.
Emily: No, shit, you're right, you're so right.
Dee: I'm so sorry, I should have stopped you -
Emily: It's not your fault!
Dee: Should we at least go find Abe and see if he's okay?
Markus: Nah we're back, he's fine.
Dee: I'm really sorry!
Emily: Me too, I promise I've seen the error of my edgy ways!
Markus: Just have to check, are you magic? Is that what this is?
Dee: Uh, no, I don't think so. Depends what you mean by magic.
Markus: Like you didn't lay a curse on him or anything?
Dee: No! Of course not!
Markus: See, I told you.
Abe: You didn't know, though.
Alt text: i still don't actually regret it, but i've learned from it i guess and feel extra bad now,