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Emily: Well... you all know my secret now, anyway. Let's move on to the reason we told you! Who wants to go to space?
Zoe: Space?
Markus: What do you mean?
Emily: Dee's built a spacecraft and I'm gonna take a gap year to tour the solar system with him. Thought we'd invite you guys! What do you think?
Markus: A gap year!? I didn't know you were taking a gap year! Since when!?
Emily: Oh, Dee only told me yesterday.
Markus: And you're going!? Just like that!?
Emily: Yeah! It's SPACE! I'm gonna be the first human to set foot on other planets! ALL OF THEM!
Abe: This invitation doesn't extend to me, does it?
Emily: Uhh... Look, I mean it when I say I'm sorry about all the stuff between us, and the ways I was unfairly mean, but... we've never got on, and I don't want to spend a year in cramped quarters with you.
Abe: Yeah. We'd probably kill each other, heh.
Dee: No murder allowed!
Alt text: If there were two guys on the moon and one of them killed the other with a rock would that be fucked up or what?