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Abe: AH! I didn't mean it!! Don't -
Emily: SHH! Shh, both of you. Dee, it was a turn of phrase. Abe, he's not gonna hurt you!
Abe: How can you say that! LOOK at him! He's going to kill us all!
Emily: No! That's not how it works -
Zoe: She doesn't see it, but it's ok. I think he really is safe.
Abe: She doesn't? ...But you do?
Zoe: Yeah. Sorry, I thought you wouldn't. really, really sorry.
Markus: See what? What do you guys - ok, yeah, he was a little freaky, but that makes sense now, so... isn't that less scary?
Abe: I'm not scared!
Zoe: Well I am. He's the scariest thing I ever saw. So, um, I better not come, either. Thanks for inviting me, though! It sounds incredible.
Dee: Really? I won't be there the whole time, I mean, Emily needs her alone time either way so -
Zoe: I don't want to push you out of your own idea. It sounds like it'd be claustrophobic regardless.
Emily: But there's lots of windows - and we can go outside, we can all have spacesuits! And we can bring lots of things to do, and -
Zoe: Yeah, that's still...
Alt text: "It’s only a skeleton," said Gawain critically.