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Zoe: It's okay. Maybe bring me a rock or something?
Emily: I'll bring you a SUPER cool rock! So, just the three of us then, Markus!
Markus: I - uh! Wait! Do I have to decide now?
Abe: Dude! You're thinking of turning this down!?
Markus: I'd have to talk to my parents first! I can't just leave for a year, I don't think they'd like me taking a gap year at all, and how could I tell them - What have you told your family, do they know about him?
Emily: No, he won't let me tell them.
Markus: But have you told them where you're going? What did they say?
Emily: I haven't told them yet, but my cover story will be that I'm going to live in the wilderness. We always had this joke that when I grew up I'd be a hermit in the bush, so I'll say I'm going to get that out of my system.
Markus: I don't think my parents would let me do that!
Emily: "Let you"? You're eighteen!
Markus: No but - they still - Look, can't I talk to them before I confirm with you anyway?
Emily: Of course, sorry!
Alt text: also it will probably be awkward if we make Dee a third wheel... but worse if I turn out to be the third wheel...