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Markus: ...I just barely got them on board for the literature degree, they think a gap year is a total waste of time, and they know I hate camping anyway...
Emily: You hate camping?
Markus: Have I ever seemed keen about camping?
Emily: I don't know, I was busy trying to get out of the group activities. You're still in for schoolies, though, right?
Markus: Yeah, but it's two weeks, not a year. They're still pretty disapproving though.
Emily: Haha, why? Don't they know all your friends are super tame? Except Zoe maybe...
Markus: I dunno, they hear the press. But I'm not gonna miss a moment with you before you leave the stratosphere!
(Emily kisses him.)
Do you want to stay together, while I'm gone?
Markus: What!? Do you want to break up?
Emily: No, but if you're going to uni, meeting new people and stuff, I don't wanna hold you back. I obviously won't be meeting anyone, but -
Markus: Well you'll be with Dee... alone together, for months...
Alt text: surely Emily wants the freedom to hook up with any cute aliens out there