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Emily: Markus, no. Do I have to say it again? NO.
Markus: I know, I know. I don't want to lose you! We only just started!
Emily: Yeah, I know. I'll be back, of course. Just, you didn't want to do long distance with Chiyo, so... We could end it while I'm gone and see where we're at when I come back, or it could be a, whatsitcalled, open relationship if you wanted? But we can write letters!
Markus: ...yeah?
Emily: Yeah!
Markus: I didn't want to do long distance with Chiyo because there was no end in sight. If you'll definitely be back in a year, and we can keep in contact, I want to stay together. I don't want to be with anyone else.
Emily: Ok! Write if you change your mind.
Markus: I won't.
Emily: Love letters from outer space! It'll be so romantic!
Markus: I'm gonna miss you so much.
Emily: I'm not gone yet!
(She leans in to kiss him again.)
Alt text: Markus would like his girlfriends to stop flying away from him