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Emily: You know what, doing all this research, I kinda really do wanna live in the bush for a bit.
Dee: Maybe you could come back and do that for a bit at the end.
Emily: Oh right! I could!
Dee: It would make your story more believable, too.
Emily: AHH I just keep getting so excited!
Dee: Me too! ... is it bad that I'm relieved none of your friends are coming?
Emily: No! Probably good.
Dee: Are you sure? It's just, you didn't have any other friends when I started this plan, and I... well...
Emily: Haha, spanner in the works! Nah, I'm relieved too, actually.
Dee: You are?
Emily: It would be fun, probably, in lots of ways, but... Well I already know I'm good at maintaining friendships over letters. Like, this won't affect me and Olive at all! She's SO excited about this, by the way. I promised her rocks too, she had some specific requests. But having someone in my space all the time? Not sure I'd have coped.
Dee: Even your best friends and your boyfriend?
Emily: If I can't do it with you, I can't do it with anyone. And what if Markus and I broke up in space?
Dee: You wouldn't be stuck or anything, we'd go back to Earth.
Emily: Yeah but if that still took weeks...
Dee: Yeah, fair. ...would you two be likely to break up, though?
Alt text: this all feels very timely with coronavirus lmao. hope you all are safe and healthy and getting both the social time and private time you need in these strange strange days