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Emily: No idea; it seems stupid to consider the possibility, though. Locking ourselves in a small, isolated room for that long, when we will have only been together for a couple of months, would be quite the test. Although... Heh! That reminds me, I better give you a heads-up.
Dee: Oh?
Emily: Ah, you better make sure you don't turn up while Markus and I are... alone together. Okay?
Dee: Oh yeah no! I already wasn't.
Emily: Cool! In the past you've turned up at awkward times is all, so I thought I'd say.
Dee: I hope I'm not so clueless these days! ... Am I to infer that you're having sex now?
Emily: Haha! Yeah. Yeah we did.
Dee: Oh cool! How was it?
Emily: It was... really good! You know, people are always like, don't build up your first time too much cos it probably won't be that good, so I kept my expectations low, but it was actually amazing! Definitely gonna try do more of that before I leave!
Dee: Alright!! Good for you!
Emily: Hee, thanks!
(They high-five.)
Alt text: to save further embarrassment back in the day, she gave him a VERY detailed list of things she might be doing in private which he was not allowed to interrupt or witness