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Dee: I'm here! Do we go now?
Emily: Yeah I just - ... That's what you're wearing?
Dee: Yeah. Is it ok if you fix my hoodie for me again? And I'm not sure about the shoes... What? I know it's warm, but I want to wear it.
Emily: I - no - it's, uh - a skirt?
Dee: Oh, yeah, I didn't feel like wearing trousers, they're too revealing.
Emily: How!?
Dee: Too... form-fitting.
Emily: What, you don't want people to know you have legs?
Dee: I'm gonna be stressed enough already is all. What's your problem? ... is this a gender thing?
Emily: Ugh! Yes! But don't make me sound like a jerk! You can obviously wear whatever you want, but if you're anxious... People are gonna act much weirder about you looking like a man in a dress than almost anything else. That's all!
Dee: Hmm, then maybe I can attribute anything weird to that, and make myself feel better? ... You're the one who announced me as nonbinary, I might as well use it to my advantage.
Emily: Okay fine! Do what you like!
Alt text: nobody's MAKING you sound like a jerk