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Zoe: Oh... yeah! That'd be lovely!
Harrison: Yeah! Bring Dee!
Emily: Really? You don't have to - um - He's not - doing exams, or anything...
Iris: That's not really the point. You can bring your weirdo friend, you weirdo.
Emily: Well, I'll... ask him, then!
Markus: I just thought he might like to.
Abe: And then we should...
(In Emily's room after school)
...would you like to come?
Dee: I - I - you can't just drag me into your friendship group, they -
Emily: They invited you! It was Markus' idea!
Dee: It was!? What about Abe and Zoe? And the others?
Emily: Nobody seemed very fussed. Markus reckons Abe's fine now. Plus it's the movies, mostly we'll just be sitting in the dark.
Dee: ...
Alt text: there's truly no more forgiving social event for when you're shy/don't know some people well than the movies