↓ Transcript
(Emily and her school friends are studying and chatting together.)
General conversation:

...parents wanna go to New York, so...
I can't believe you're not coming on schoolies now too! You're all just flakes!
Sorry! It was a last minute thing!
It'll still be good just the four of us, though?
What did you get for these ones? I'm stuck on 24(e)
Is everyone gonna be busy the weekend before exams start?
You mean besides studying?
(Emily is only half listening, jotting notes: [obscured] text?
- Dee would have to use my phone; wo[obscured]
- give Mary a list?
- is that more or [obscured] suspicious??
- break my pr[obscured]
- di[obscured])
Continuing conversation:

We should do something to give our brains some breathing space, I read that's good for you...
Yeah! A last hurrah!
Shall we see a movie? I've been wanting to see that Bruce Willis one, with the time travel.
Emily (zoning in): Oh! I'd like to see that, too.
Angie: Ooh me too! Though, I was gonna see it with Tim...
Abe: Bring him! The more the merrier!
Iris: Unless it was a date?
Angie: No, no, that will work!
Markus: Yeah! And Emily, you could invite Dee maybe?
Emily: What?
Alt text: it's so hard to fit eight people's worth of study material on that table