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(They watch the movie.)
Yeah I liked it, even if time travel obviously wouldn't work like that -
Iris: "Obviously"! For the last time, you don't know how time travel would work, it's not real!
Emily: But time is! It's just physics, time's a dimension like space, so -
Iris: But it's obviously not the same, space doesn't have a dimension, you don't get more entropy on one side than the other -
Emily: So? Something still has to be either true or not true -
Iris: Umm no! What about Schrodinger's cat?
Emily: That's not - you can't both open the box and not, so - Dee, back me up!
Dee: Me? What do I know? Why can't something be true and not true?
Emily: URGH! RUDE!
Abe: What about multiple universes theory?
Emily: But who cares about other universes!! First, that's not time travel. And if there's a parallel universe where everything's true there's no point! It's complete chance which choices you've made in a given universe!
Iris: You prefer determinism where you have no choices?
Jad: Are they moving?
(This conversation is blocking the rest of their friends from exiting the row and the theatre. Zoe is holding empty popcorn boxes and other rubbish; she wads this up.) Emily: You do so have choices! It's just that -
(Zoe throws the wad of rubbish into the bin, which is across the room, and it goes in in one incredible shot.)
Harrison: Wow!
Alt text: i concede that i personally am NOT an expert on time physics and those other arguments probably have some merit, it's not like i ever did do that thesis i daydreamed about, BUT luckily for me i can run with the rules i like in my fictional version of reality. i mean i still think i'm right, but. send me your counterarguments and evidence i'm genuinely interested