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Zoe: Wow... if only all my shots were like that!
Emily: Wow!
Markus: High five!
Abe: That was sick!
Harrison: Don't sell yourself short!
(Everybody high fives Zoe; Dee goes to offer one too.)
Dee: ...Air high five!
Zoe: Haha! (She reciprocates.)
(Later, outside the cinema again.)
So is anyone still sticking around? Did we wanna go anywhere else, bowling or...?
Someone, Harrison I guess: No I gotta go
Angie: I think I'll head off
Abe: Yeah I know it was my idea but
Jad: Yeah me too, I gotta get more study done today, bye all!!
Emily: We're still here! Is four enough? Is there enough time?
(She, Markus, and Dee did not leave, everyone else did.)
I mean I'm not like, set on bowling, I just wanna keep hanging out! Although, if I haven't spent all my joke allowance yet, I bet Dee would be GREAT at bowling.
Dee: Why? I don't get that one.
Zoe: Oh, you probably never saw those ads...
Emily: There was an AIDS awareness campaign in the 80s where the Grim Reaper was bowling people over like pins.
Alt text: at least we can dispense with the doublespeak now