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Dee: Oh! But none of you were alive back then?
Markus: We watched it for persuasive language. They're like, famous?
Emily: They were super effective, and also controversial. Alan's still got mixed feelings.
Dee: I see. Well, not to worry, I've never played any sports, so I would have NO skill.
Zoe: But you dance!
Dee: Yeah but not - Dancing's not a sport in all contexts, surely? Or combat, either. So I wouldn't count them.
Markus: What about - OH! Every day more things slot into place! No wonder you're so good at chess, Emily - he taught you!
Emily: Aaaand that's where you're wrong!
Dee: She taught me!
Emily: I learned from my uncle, originally.
Markus: Ah! My bad!
Zoe: Ugh, I think it's dumb to count chess as a sport anyway.
Markus: But you count dance?
Zoe: It's about the body skills! Don't underestimate dancers.
Alt text: Nor would he count himself as 'good' at combat, he's just impossible to defeat. He kinda just stands there until they give up and come quietly