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Zoe: Dee! I forgot to say in my last email, but I had a thought! Have you ever been to a masquerade ball? As a guest?
Dee: No!
Zoe: I think you should! You could wear a mask and dance and be a mysterious stranger and hang around people and no one would worry about it!
Dee: They'd surely worry a bit, but... Huh!
Emily: Oh my gosh! What a great idea!
Markus: That's a bit Poe-ish, surely.
Dee: I haven't read any Poe yet...
Zoe: Neither have I, is that a thing?
Markus: Oh! Just, don't murder everyone, heh, you're fine!
Emily: Ideally not! But everyone seemed to survive today pretty well.
Dee: Yeah, once Zoe stopped trying to blow my cover, anyway.
Markus: Hey! It's only going to be us and Abe on schoolies now, maybe you could come too, if you wanted?
Dee: Oh! Um, thank you! But it's okay, I don't want to be a ''toolie''.
Zoe: HA! HA HA
Emily: Why do you know that word!
Dee: I'm accomplished and worldly.
Emily: Haha, you are.
Markus: Ooh sushi! Is anyone hungry?
Alt text: good party etiquette in general