↓ Transcript
Emily: I guess this looks kinda bad to you, huh.
Dee: But - why? Why are you killing them?
Emily: So they don't crowd out these other plants, that we do want.
Dee: Are these food plants?
Emily: No, they're - they look pretty.
Dee: That's all!?
Emily: I'm sorry, but I don't think Ella will accept 'conscientious objector' as an excuse to not do my chores. Can you come back later?
Dee: Okay
(He vanishes. Later Emily is in her room reading and he appears again.)
All done?
Emily: Yeah, are you ok?
Dee: I'm fine! It's ok, I was just surprised. But I should've known better; I already try to avoid showing up if you're cooking or cleaning, in case it's awkward.
Emily: Huh. Well, I don't do those very often.
Alt text: he doesn't recognise Emily when he comes for the weeds because he's just focusing on them (if plant senses would be up to identifying humans anyway, which i doubt?) and he's also pretty used to ignoring himself constantly everywhere, but still