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Dee: Still, I didn't think of everything, is all.
Emily: Do you think we shouldn't do those things?
Dee: No, it's fine, it all makes sense. You need cooking and hygiene for your health. And beauty is important. I shouldn't forget that.
Emily: It's not that important.
Dee: Isn't it? It took me a while to get it, but as far as I know, beauty is important above all in at least some of your human cultures.
Emily: I don't think that's true. Well, not here and now; definitely not worth killing over. It's more that... people don't think of plants as alive in the same way as animals, I guess. Probably kinda elitist, though...
Dee: Sometimes I forget how unlike plants and fungi and bacteria you are. Even other animals. It's probably not wrong that you feel that way.
Emily: Do plants ... feel?
Dee: Yes, but ... How to describe it to you, hmm...
(The flashback is ended by the kettle boiling; it dings.)
Alt text: maybe Oscar Wilde said something to him, idk