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Zoe: Thanks, but I'm not really that good. I thought I'd go more once I got my car, but... I don't really like doing things alone.
Emily: Oh! I thought you would've been in a surf club!
Zoe: No, but I guess I could join one, huh! I'll have to find new teams for everything, now school's over, won't I...
Emily: I bet they'll have them at uni! Who'd you used to surf with?
Zoe: My favourite of mum's exes. He was like... the only one who took it seriously, that she has kids. He wasn't like, 'hi, I'm your dad now' or anything, but he put effort into having a relationship with us too. Anyway, he taught me. He gave me the boards, too, when he broke up with Mum.
Emily: Oh! That's... that sounds nice of him, but also, I'm sorry. What happened?
Zoe: I dunno, they argued a lot, and finally he left. Same as every time before, and I bet every time to come.
Emily: You don't think she'll ever meet the right guy?
Zoe: That's her problem. She wants the perfect man to fill the holes in her life, but nobody is perfect, and she won't compromise or put any effort into fixing any of it herself. So.
Alt text: damn the swell really went away huh