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Emily: I explicitly said I did.
Zoe: Yeah. Duh. I'm really sorry. I was scared - I didnt want our friendship to be based on a lie. I got worried you never liked me, you only liked me. Wait that was the same word. I mean...
Emily: Heh. I get it. Same word, two senses.
Zoe: Yeah. Homophonic of me, sorry.
Emily: Ha!! Is it a homophone if it's the same word though?
Zoe: Ugh! Now I'm making linguistically inaccurate puns, on top of everything else... why do you put up with me... But I'm really, really sorry. I didn't mean to imply... Of course I trust you. I just want to be your friend. Please don't hate me.
Emily: I don't hate you! Kinda wondering why you didn't have this freakout over Abe, though.
Zoe: Well he was always into me. And not as good a friend. ... You're my best friend.
Emily: And you're mine! Along with Dee. Okay!?
Zoe: Okay. I believe you!
Emily: Good. And to be clear - I have never intentionally hit on you. I don't even know how one 'flirts'.
Zoe: Really!?
Emily: The entire concept mystifies me.
Zoe: Huh! Well, on second thoughts, maybe it's not that clear always...
Alt text: previous friendship trio consisted of the other two being each other's Best friend, and zoe just being the third one, so.