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Zoe: ...
(She gets up and heads into the ocean after Emily, who is floating on her back.)
Emily? Are you alright? I'm sorry - I was giving you space but - I didn't want you to drown.
Emily: ... Fair enough I guess.
Zoe: Well... I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. I didn't think.
Emily: Maybe I should've told Dee first, or Ella, or Olive. I bet they'd be supportive. Or maybe everyone secretly sucks!
Zoe: I'm really, really sorry. ... What did Markus say? He ... wasn't supportive?
Emily: Apparently 'bisexual' means 'roving eye'. And my even contemplating my sexuality is an insult to him. We had an argument.
Zoe: That's horrible! I would never have thought he'd - Damn, I picked a bad time to be a dickhead.
Emily (sitting upright in the water): I really didn't expect this to be such a big deal for everybody.
Zoe: I didn't realise you'd care what people thought.
Alt text: not that i think you're - likely to drown but - aaaaa