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Emily: -sniff- Wow, I didn't expect to get all teary...
Dee: It's okay! Seems very fair!! Would you like to... orbit for a bit? Or keep going to the moon?
Emily: We can keep going. -sniff- But first I wanna take - oh where'd you put my bag?
Dee: I'll get it!
(He gets Emily's backpack out of a cupboard. Emily gets an instant camera out of it.)
Look what Markus got me!
Dee: Oh that's cute!! You can send him some photos!
Emily: Yeah!! Although he said I shouldn't, cos there's not much film. Anyway the camera you brought has much better resolution -
Dee: Oh we'll take lots of photos with that one, but you know I can get you more film.
(Various photos, a couple on instant film and the rest not, of various ordinary tourist style posing with the Earth in the background.)
Alt text: Expensive gift, Markus!?