↓ Transcript
(Emily is doing up her hair, zipping herself into the special under-layer of clothing for her space suit, and then putting on the suit (Dee is helping). Not depicted: the diaper)
Emily (stomping excitedly towards the airlock):
Ha ha hee hee hoo hoo
(In the airlock, Dee swoops around her picking invisible things off the outside of the suit, and then puts the lid on a jar, also he is now wearing a helmet and headset but no suit otherwise.)
Wow, you got them all? How high resolution is your vision?
Dee: I think my actual vision is only about as good as yours.
So you're using your special Death senses then?
Dee: Yup. Anyway I usually don't have a body for dealing with these guys. And if I did, it's pretty dark in places ... like your guts.
Emily: Hey would you tell me if I was about to get sick from some bacteria? Or if I had a parasite?
Dee: Well you have a few now, but it's fine? ...I'm not a doctor
Alt text: No bacterium will die in the vacuum of space on THIS trip (or accidentally colonise anywhere)