↓ Transcript
(Emily gazes up at the Earth in the sky. She gets teary again but when she goes to wipe her eyes her hand donks on the space helmet.)
AH! Dee help I'm crying again and I can't -
Dee: Oh! It's ok - do you want me to -
(He sticks his hands through her helmet and wipes the tears onto her cheeks.)
Did the other guys cry this much?
Dee: Some, I bet. Would you like to do your feather drop?
Emily: Yeah!
(She drops a feather and a rock at the same time. They fall at the same rate.)
Emily: Hehehehe... neat (She hands the feather back to Dee.) I noticed you're still billowing your robe, though.
Dee: Haha! I forgot to think about it. (He makes his robe flare and billow in an over-the-top way.) Oh no! A sudden fake breeze!
Alt text: no i will not spy on the cosmonauts and astronauts to tell you whether any of them cried, but check this out, i've been working on my marilyn monroe impression