↓ Transcript
(Emily is drawing in the dirt; Dee approaches from a little way away.)
Hey Emily, how - ! What are you doing?
(She has written 'EM + DEE WERE HERE 2013' in the dust.)
You can scuff it out if you want this to be a 'leave not even footprints' type of trip.
Dee: Heheh. Nah. But, well, how are you going? Do you want a rest before we start checking out all the other stuff that's been left here?
Emily: Yeah I'm pretty tuckered out. And hungry.
Dee: Okay, let's call it a day then. We've got all the time in the world.
Emily: Yessss
Alt text: plenty of time to panic and get rid of the graffito before anyone is at risk of noticing it anyway lol